R Kelly, If I Could Hold Back The Hands Of Time, enhanced CD Foam, Hinckley Had A Vision, record cover Steps, Better Best Forgotten, record cover The Tamperer, If You Buy This Record Your Life Will Be Better, record cover
Kalenda Maya, Arms Of The God, record cover Rocksteady And reg Hits, record cover Circus, Bristol Street, record cover Backstreet Boys, As Long As You Love Me, record cover
NSync, No Strings Attached, enhanced CD Steps, 5678, record cover Tina Cousins, Forever, record cover Anita O'Day, The Big Band Years, record cover
Pucho And The Latin Soul Brothers, record cover Duo Kassner-Quer, The Spanish Collection, record cover reg For Lovers, record cover Steps, Love's Gotten Hold Of My Heart, record cover


It is not just the quality of music that is important in promoting bands and artists in today's fast moving entertainment world. Co-ordinating image, design, photgraphy, printing, websites and advertising are crucial.

Irrational Design can help you produce a cohesive range of material including CD/record cover design, websites, posters, press advertisements, postcards, T-shirts, logos and promotional items.

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